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Packing Heat

This August, The New Yorker published a cartoon of “Canadian Lemmings” gathered at the edge of a cliff, each politely deferring to the others with “After you.” I suppose there are two possible readings. One is that the politeness is a mask; … Continue reading

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The Old Point

Way back in the spring of 1975, my father kindly drove me and my then-wife to Montreal to help us look for a place to live. I’d been stranded in a small town in southwestern Ohio and the need for … Continue reading

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When you apply for a renovation permit from l’arrondissement du Sud-Ouest, or the Southwest Borough of Montreal, the document you eventually receive and  must  then post in your window displays a big, green “T.” If you’re thinking in English, no handy signification … Continue reading

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The Misery of Others

This winter, a spray-painted sign appeared on the failed Star of India restaurant a few blocks away. It said, simply enough, “PSC [Point St. Charles] White Watts.” I wanted to write about it, but it stuck in my craw so … Continue reading

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What the Search Engine Said

The ISP hosting The New Point dutifully provides monthly statistics about visitors to the blog, including the exact search terms that brought them here. After having been sought for more than a year, I think it’s time to open up … Continue reading

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