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Social Vitality

Derrick, the counter man at a local electrician’s, recently told me about a boyhood scare. He was a young teenager walking home on rue Centre one night when a car pulled up beside him. The passenger door swung open, and … Continue reading

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Our mean-spirited winter and my recently acquired physical debilities have made me a little more philosophical about this project. We’re now 3 ½ years into it, with no end in sight. I’m particularly conscious of this because our new neighbour … Continue reading

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The Old Point

Way back in the spring of 1975, my father kindly drove me and my then-wife to Montreal to help us look for a place to live. I’d been stranded in a small town in southwestern Ohio and the need for … Continue reading

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Summer Salad

A while back, I heard an angry mother on a radio phone-in show declare that there was no way she would allow her kids to be transferred from a defunct English school in a nearby district to one in the … Continue reading

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People Like Us

Kathy Dobson, the author of With a Closed Fist: Growing Up in Canada’s Toughest Neighbourhood warned me. Sort of. She circumspectly asked how Point St. Charles residents were reacting to me, what with me being a newcomer and all. “Warmly,” I … Continue reading

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Maple Spring in the Point

Until recently, most eastern Canadians hearing the words “spring” and “maple” in the same sentence would probably have closed the loop with the word “syrup.” No longer. The so-called Maple Spring in Quebec refers, in the first instance, to a … Continue reading

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A Peaceful Launch and a Cheap Lunch

Last week, I saw some of the folks who were responsible for the constructive activism that began to transform the Point in the 60s. The occasion was the launch of a memoir by ex-Pointer Kathy Dobson: With a Closed Fist: … Continue reading

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Open House

Patricia and I, like a lot of other Quebeckers, abandoned our usual political affiliations  during the last federal election and voted for le bon Jack–NDP leader Jack Layton. More accurately, we voted for Tyrone Benskin, the NDP candidate in our riding, … Continue reading

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Talk Talk

Late two nights ago, I looked out the window and saw a police car racing down our one-way street in the wrong direction. Then sirens. In the morning, the radio news informed me that two young men, one 16 and the … Continue reading

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