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Back from a Deep Winter Slumber…

Or not. After I speculated about ending the blog, a few kind and disappointed readers urged me to attempt heroic measures to revive it, so I’ll give it a shot. Last fall’s labour was exhausting and expensive, leaving me scrambling to pay … Continue reading

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Death of the Blog

Part I: Prologue I started this blog a little over five years ago with the intention of writing about life and home renovation in Point St. Charles. It was to be a diversion from the unrelenting labour of single-handed demolition and, … Continue reading

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This Is Not a Fence

The signs of my dereliction of duty to this blog are mounting. Folks are writing to ask if I’m well or if the house has collapsed or if the urban bears that terrorize Point St. Charles have eaten me. Here it … Continue reading

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Our mean-spirited winter and my recently acquired physical debilities have made me a little more philosophical about this project. We’re now 3 ½ years into it, with no end in sight. I’m particularly conscious of this because our new neighbour … Continue reading

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People Like Us

Kathy Dobson, the author of With a Closed Fist: Growing Up in Canada’s Toughest Neighbourhood warned me. Sort of. She circumspectly asked how Point St. Charles residents were reacting to me, what with me being a newcomer and all. “Warmly,” I … Continue reading

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What the Search Engine Said

The ISP hosting The New Point dutifully provides monthly statistics about visitors to the blog, including the exact search terms that brought them here. After having been sought for more than a year, I think it’s time to open up … Continue reading

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