Death of the Blog

Part I: Prologue

I started this blog a little over five years ago with the intention of writing about life and home renovation in Point St. Charles.

Point St. Charles houseIt was to be a diversion from the unrelenting labour of single-handed demolition and, eventually, reconstruction. Over time, though, “life in Point St. Charles” has merely become life and, while the Point is still a fascinating place, it no longer makes me feel as if I’m away on safari.

This summer’s construction goals were ambitious, expensive, and entangled.

Renovatiuon Point St. Charles Stucco to cover the patchwork of old and new brick, complicated prep for the two separated structures of fence and deck, followed by lots of screws and lots of wood.

The stucco guys did a so-so job, and left many details undone. The prep work for the next step was endless and dispiriting. The foundation needed deep repointing above and below grade. These repairs couldn’t be put off because the deck would make this stretch of wall inaccessible.

Pointing stone foundation wall A rotting and useless basement window also destined to be covered by the deck had to be repaired and protected with a concrete well to keep the frame dry. Old fence and porch footings and piers had to be dug out by hand. New piers and footings had to be dug in by hand.

Digging hole for deck footing By the end of October, I had mixed 1500 kilos of concrete, also by hand, and, with help from Patricia, poured it.

Quikrete concrete All that was advance work. Next: building the structures.

Deck and fence structure

The point of this laboured recitation is just that: labour. Doing it was onerous enough. Paying for it was ruinous. Finding the motivation to write about it was not in the cards.

Time, of course, plays its useful little tricks. Thanks to a massive El Niño, and to global warming, and to the absence of the polar vortex of the last couple of years, it’s possible to sit on the almost-complete deck in comfort on Boxing Day and to contemplate the death of this blog.Contemplate on deck in Point St. Charles It may yet become a revenant but, for the moment, it’s a matter of final goodbyes and writing about all the stuff I should have written about before thinking of putting it to rest.

Watch for Part II: Public Art

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Terence Byrnes is a writer and photographer who teaches at Concordia University in Montreal. Visit to see his photography.
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3 Responses to Death of the Blog

  1. Bonnie-Carol Cooke says:

    Terry please say it isn’t so! I love this blog as do many others, don’t let it die, it gives us inspiration to keep going on our own renos!!

    • Actually, when I thought of shutting things down, I immediately thought of you, and that gave me pause. Giving up on our renos isn’t an option, but it’s not easy to keep things going, either. We’ll see what the new year brings.

  2. Lisa says:

    Aw shucks! I just found your blog when searching for how to demolish a useless back staircase (butler staircase) to increase my kitchen size. Very useful to get the visual from the video. I am from Montreal but have since moved to eastern Pennsylvania, where I bought a 100+ year old house in a historic district. I remember Pt St-Charles and love reading about your house… I will finish the whole blog!

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