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Fall Offcuts

Once again I’ve been outed as a member of the advance guard in the barbarian invasion of Point St. Charles. What follows are quotations from Facebook responses to my last blog entry: He is not the only one that has bought … Continue reading

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“There’s never treasure,” said Patricia Fournel, as she rubbed the dirt from her hands and surveyed the cratered ruin of the back yard. Patricia F. (as I’ll call her, to distinguish her from my Patricia) and her husband, Eduardo Vollrath, … Continue reading

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Hitting the Wall

Marathon runners and endurance athletes who reach what feels like an absolute physical limit have to force themselves to continue until the limit disappears. Psychology overcomes physiology, and their steps become light again. Do-it-yourself renovation doesn’t work like that. Here, … Continue reading

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I am mildly cursed with a form of insomnia that awakens me at 5 or 5:30 many mornings and convinces my body that it really must get up and stumble around in the darkness. Toward early evening, then, I’m often … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Diptychs

Traditional plaster walls, which were common until the ’50s, were great things–smooth, hard surfaces denser than concrete. They required considerable skill to make, though. A series of horizontal wooden strips, laths, was nailed to the studs with small spaces between each … Continue reading

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