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Fall Offcuts

Once again I’ve been outed as a member of the advance guard in the barbarian invasion of Point St. Charles. What follows are quotations from Facebook responses to my last blog entry: He is not the only one that has bought … Continue reading

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À Qui la Pointe? or, The Road to Recovery Belongs to Someone Else

My two best friends during this endless-seeming recovery from surgery have been Patricia and my Kindle. The first has a large supply of optimism and encouragement and the second has reading material. Neither, as turns out, has done much for … Continue reading

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Talk Talk

Late two nights ago, I looked out the window and saw a police car racing down our one-way street in the wrong direction. Then sirens. In the morning, the radio news informed me that two young men, one 16 and the … Continue reading

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The Old Point

When I moved to Montreal in August, 1975, I learned the city by walking it. My base of operations was a downtown apartment building on Pierce Street where I would sometimes be awakened by cockroaches falling from the ceiling onto my face. My … Continue reading

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